B2B Meetings

Our format takes you in

the heart of business

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The best guarantee for your success

You can pre-select the buyers you'll meet by viewing their profiles and programming online, and selecting the ones you consider most promising for your business

High number of contacts 

Up to 70 guaranteed prescheduled B2B meetings with buyers whose business focuses on your field of activity

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Maximize the number of contacts

Two kinds of meetings are planned:


  • Scheduled meetings for buyers at suppliers’ desks an appointment diary is organized for suppliers according to buyers’ preferences based on sellers’ online profiles, and to the specific requirements of their programming

  • Unscheduled meetings for suppliers at buyers’ desks suppliers can engage buyers not included in their diary, who may be of interest to them

Careful buyer selection

Only buyers with RFP's and actual short/medium-term projects focused on the Mediterranean area are selected


Unusual contest to stimulate business 

From renowned theatre stages to the superb view of panoramic terraces, we select locations that uplift your spirit and stimulate positive business interactions