What we are searching  for


Buyers with experiential events in planning, interested in Mediterranean destinations 


Buyers looking for innovative and exclusive experiences for high-end MICE clients


Decision makers with authority over their company’s event portfolio

What you will find

Hospitality as hosted buyer for all services indicated in the program,

including hotel accommodation and two-way travelling expenses

(see hospitality conditions and regulation at this link)

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B2B meetings

A schedule of appointments with excellent Mediterranean suppliers selected in accord to your events’ requirements (15 minutes each)

Suppliers' Presentations

Suppliers' presentations highlight in various thematic sessions their exclusive and innovative proposals, focusing on their specific excellencies and offering tailored solutions in which the “emotional” element is always uppermost



Networking events will enable you to expand your network of useful contacts and socialize with buyers, suppliers and colleagues in a pleasant and stimulating ambience: daily lunches, glamorous in-location parties, experiential and team-building activities

Experiential activities

Experiential activities to explore the most exclusive potential offered by the destination 

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Fam trips

Designed to give you direct experience of the most exclusive innovative and thrilling proposals offered by destinations and venues

We’re looking for senior decision makers with authority over their company’s product portfolio.

If you represent  a MICE, Wedding, Corporate Agency, or Company with top-level seniority and authority over your company’s product portfolio, You will be very welcome!

If you wish to be updated on all latest details please head to our Symposium Hub page. Should you wish to receive further info, please fill in and send us the form at this link

What your Colleagues say 

“One of the most interesting and useful workshops that I ever took part in: it seems like a small event, but actually it’s far better than many others that are bigger but often dispersive. 

I was really enthusiastic about it, including owing to the great cordiality of those who welcomed us.”
Burcim Tuncel, Managing Partner, Bros Group, Turkey


“It’s always useful to meet the suppliers in person, all very useful meetings. And not only that: I had a chance to see with my own eyes many interesting locations, absolutely sensational, truly striking. 

it really would have been tops from every point of view!”
Keld Jepsen, Product Manager, CCMG Congress Consulting Management Group, Denmark


“It was a good idea for me to have come to be inspired in Italy: excellent contacts and the hotel that put us up was also nice. Definitely a positive experience.”
Alexis Bensoussan, General Manager, Consortium d'Évènemntes, Paris


“The meetings have been good; perhaps two days weren’t necessary, but in any case I have had interesting contacts.”
Eleanor Jewers, Delion Events, London


“The Med-Market Mice & Luxury Workshop is a huge opportunity in a small space: in a short time you can have a great many very worthwhile meetings." 
Jaime Martinínez-Marín, Procurement & Facility Finance Manager, Canon, Madrid


“I find the formula very functional and much less stressful than the big exhibitions!”
Ilaria Castaldo, Marketing Assistant, Alfa Intes